The supervision was through a daily process and it was facilitated with great professionalism. The frequency is daily as well as the quality was high in nature as the supervisor was well adept with knowledge and wisdom about the nature and objective of the work of the organisation.

The supervisor was very helpful and was concerned that the trainee should learn maximum and made sure that the trainee is safe due to the geopolitical scenario of the region.

The supervisor was flexible with the work which trainee wanted to indulge and had provided all necessary guidance and supervision in making the work more fruitful and successful.

The supervision was done by all the staff members of the organisation who shared different narratives as well as told us how the work of the organisation has been further propagated through various means and medium.

Your experience in field:   The objective of my placement at the agency was to see and understand the conflict which has been a part of the state as well as to have a firsthand experience of the conflict between the state machinery and its people which has resulted in violation of Human rights to all the sections of people in the state.

The responsibilities that were given to me were to take case studies as well as visit the field to understand and feel the dynamics of the conflict. The trainee was also given the responsibilities to collect data’s for a research on the comparative study which will be undertaken for a long term project.

The trainee was given the responsibility of doing data analysis of all the cases of enforced disappearances cases under the State Human Rights Commission.

The biggest challenge that the trainee faced was the language barrier that was there while interacting with the families as most of them speak only Kashmiri or Urdu.

Another challenge was not being able to go to all the districts to meet all the families due to shortages of time as well as resources and sensitivity of some places and cases.